Over 147 million meals served and counting...

How We Do It

Imagine not knowing where you’ll find your next meal.


Sadly, for many people, there is no need to imagine. Every day in our country, more than 50 million people worry about where they will find their next meal. Hunger is very real and Midwest Food Bank (MFB) is fighting to ensure no one goes without needed nutrition. Hunger is especially hard on children, who make up nearly half of our clients and require proper nutrition to grow and learn. Our neighbors need our help. 

Trucking = Blessings Delivered

It all starts with trucking. With our own fleet of semis, product is delivered to our facilities from all across the country. With our refrigerated vehicles and dedicated drivers, food is …Read More »

Distribution = Sharing the Blessings

Distribution is the central program of MFB. Each nonprofit organization go through an application process in order to begin receiving food. They depend on us to help them obtain food, on average …Read More »

Disaster Relief = Delivering Hope

Midwest Food Bank formed a parternship in 2005 with The Salvation Army during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We continue to help as much as possible, and keep on hand …Read More »

Packaging / Tender Mercies = Feeding Thousands/One package at a time

Our Tender Mercies Program is an impactful solution that addresses two of the most unjust hardships - hunger and lack of nutrition. Our answer was to combine raw ingredients (Beans, TVP, …Read More »

Volunteers = Hands & Feet

Volunteers are an integral part of the success of MFB's mission to bridge the gap. Our volunteers come from all ages and walks of life, with diverse ethnic and religious …Read More »

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