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Disaster Relief

Salvation Army Disaster Box

Midwest Food Bank is filling a semi with disaster relief for California. Hygiene kits and non-perishable food will be leaving early next week for the Paradise, CA area.

More than 45 semi loads of disaster relief have been sent to victims this year. This includes hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and family food boxes. Volunteers assemble, pack and drive the boxes to disaster sites and the Salvation Army distributes them to those in need. Family food boxes boxes contain enough shelf-stable food to feed a family of four for 4 to 5 days. As a Salvation Army First Responder, Midwest Food Bank can have supplies on the road within 24 hours of being called. 

Midwest Food Bank is blessed to be able to provide a way for people to help support our neighbors. We want to best utilize your time and resources. Here are the ways you can bring help and hope:

1. Pray for those who are displaced and hungry. Their best help will come from the LORD.

2. Donate financially.  Midwest Food Bank has many buying partnerships, and with our not-for-profit status, we will maximize your donation, increasing your purchasing power. Funds will be used to purchase food for Disaster Relief boxes and to cover the cost of transporting them. Any funds received that go beyond the needs for the California fires will assist in future disasters.

To make a donation, please use the form below.

Please watch the Facebook page of your local Midwest Food Bank for potential food drives or volunteer opportunities. Thank you for your concern and your heart to help our those who are suffering loss.