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Midwest Food Bank Foundation | foundation.midwestfoodbank.org


MFB Foundation was started in 2014 with a goal to serve donors with integrity as together we change lives and spread joy by sharing the blessings with those in need. Through MFB Foundation, Midwest Food Bank, NFP is providing a way for MFB friends to contribute through cash and non-cash gifts.


MFB Foundation is partnered with National Christian Foundation (NCF), a recognized leader in receiving, managing and liquidating "complex gifts." NCF and MFB Foundation handle the administrative burden by selling the asset for you and allowing you to receive the full tax benefit for your gift. When you include us in your financial or long-term estate plans, you help ensure that we will continue our commitment to fighting hunger and delivering hope for many years to come.


There are a variety of ways you can give these cash or non-cash assets, including full or partial interests. You can give during your lifetime or, with proper planning, upon your death. Such gifts usually provide you with a far greater tax deduction, allowing you to give more than if you sell the asset first and then donate the proceeds. Some gifts are able to provide continuing income to you or your loved ones as well.


Together we can do more. Visit foundation.midwestfoodbank.org for more information.

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