by John Whitaker, MFB Indiana Executive Director

A baby so helpless, so meek and so mild

Was sent as a Savior, came to earth as a child.

It was a manger that first held the redemption for sin,

Prepared before time, Christ's earthly life would begin.

He was born of a virgin and admired by kings;

In His life he would do some miraculous things.

He would live as a pauper, a carpenter's son,

But the world was not worthy of this Holy One.

He gave hope to the helpless and sight to the blind;

He reached out to the least of these, was forgiving and kind.

But a world full of sin would not accept His good news,

So they beat Him and mocked Him, calling Him King of the Jews.

He was a perfect example of God's goodness and grace,

Yet He was led to a cross, sent to die in my place.

All of our sins were assigned to Him there;

It was hard to imagine, He had so much to bear.

As he hung there in pain and forsaken by all,

Mary wept for God's only Son that had been born in a stall.

With our fate in His hands He remained faithful and true.

He said "it is finished," He'd done what God sent Him to do.

But, it was in that sad moment despair turned to joy,

As the grave could not hold, God's sacrificial boy.

He rose from the dead and paid the debt for all our sin,

And opened the gates of heaven for all His saints to enter in.

"A baby so helpless, so meek and so mild,

Was sent as a Savior, came to earth as a child.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2020, from Midwest Food Bank Indiana.