Calvin comes from a background in IT where he worked for 40 years. He took early retirement and now volunteers nearly full time for MFB in Bedford, TX. Calvin was introduced to MFB when volunteering at 6 Stones, a ministry that offers a variety of services to the community. He could immediately see that he could be a part of something that was considerably larger with a much bigger impact on the community. And so he began volunteering his services at MFB…which includes working a forklift and helping in the office.

When asked what has been particularly impactful to him, Calvin recalls a recent account: A woman had come into MFB to become a new agency. She was starting a new outreach program at her church. After completing the paperwork I said to her "Let's go shopping." We first stopped by the cheese and I asked her how much she needed. She timidly responded, "Can I have two?" Of course you can. As we continued to fill 2 shopping carts full of groceries, tears were falling and when asked why, she said, "I never thought I could do outreach in my church."

When Calvin isn't volunteering at MFB, he can be found helping with another ministry that works with kids with physical challenges. (RISE Adaptive Sports). Calvin's efforts are bringing hope to Texas and we're thankful he volunteers for MFB.