School is out for summer, and kids will be at the swimming pool, ball diamond, riding bikes. And volunteering at Midwest Food Bank. Yep, kids love to spend their time volunteering, and MFB has many tasks that are just right for kids. Here is what a few of the younger volunteers at the Morton location have to say about service.

"It makes me feel good to know I am helping someone," says Ember.

"It was fun and cool, and it made me happy that I was helping others," says Nora.

Kids give their time and are willing to donate money, too. A girl named Aspen recently brought a decorated envelope with her donation to MFB Morton. Her grandparents were visiting, and she decided to set up a "restaurant" with her own menu. It wasn't just her grandparents that ordered from her menu, but a neighbor was a "customer" too. Proceeds from her "restaurant" were given to MFB.

Parents see the value of putting volunteering into the summer schedule. Here are what a few moms have to say about the volunteer experience.

"I wanted to take my kids to a place where they could see a need and what that need looks like. Their world is small and I wanted to educate them on another part of the world other than their own."

"Volunteering at MFB is a great experience for kids because they learn to serve others instead of themselves."

If you are looking for ways to get your kids and family engaged in the community, check out our Midwest Food Bank Kids.