In the first half of 2019, Caterpillar Community Analytics program has blessed Midwest Food Bank through a partnership. The program has new hires help non-profits with data analysis. The team, led by Natalie DeClerk and Will Harris, focused on donor and Google analytics for the MFB website.

In June, the team met at Midwest Food Bank Morton. They were given a presentation on leadership by Eric Hodel, MFB COO, and Jada Hoerr, MFB Development and Relations Director. The team presented the results of their work. The day ended with some time doing a Tender Mercies (link) packing project. Their second phase of work will begin in July.

"I absolutely loved this event," says Fiona O'Laughlin, supervisor of the team from Caterpillar. "We are happy to continue working with Midwest food Bank."

This is one of many partnerships Midwest Food Bank has with Caterpillar. MFB is thankful for the community volunteer support and the financial investment from the Caterpillar Foundation.

Below are some photos of the event.

Left to right: Matt Fletcher, Jing Du, Eros Garcia, Anyesha Ray, Ryan Corron, Nabil Mhadbi, Natalie DeClerck, Brandon Staggs, Chris Shurtleff, Will Harris, Luan Pham, Jake Bajo, Austin Plack, and Jada Hoerr.