Fixing and helping - that's how Randy Maestre is putting "love your neighbor" into action.

Randy is the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive in Gilbert and a supporter of Midwest Food Bank Arizona. He organizes groups to come to MFB to volunteer and also uses his business in a unique way to build awareness for MFB and gather donations. His "DipJar" works like this - A $15 gift to MFB gives the customer a $30 discount off their repair bill.

Randy is from the Philippines and is a military veteran trained in physical therapy but felt called to open an auto repair shop. He has taken the Gilbert franchise location of Christian Brothers Automotive to one of the top-performing locations out of 250 nationwide. MFB was honored when Randy asked MFB staff to join his family and pastor to pray over another automotive location he recently opened.

Since 2018 Randy has been fixing up donated cars to give to people in need and officially started a non-profit last year to assist with this work. His goal is to give away at least one car every quarter and provide car repair needs to people in need.

"Randy is a one-of-a-kind business owner, and his story is not traditional," says Merilee Baptiste, Executive Director of MFB Arizona. "He is a believer and is active in his church and community. He loves MFB Arizona, and it is an honor to know him."