Midwest Food Bank is able to alleviate hunger for those in need due to the generous support received in the form of food donations, volunteer hours and dollar contributions. These are the key inputs to the MFB Business Model. 

Some of our donors have given non-cash items to MFB. These include cars, stocks, real estate, collectibles, grain and other items of value. Donors may have items taking up space or may want to eliminate monthly fees on storage units. Non-cash donations represent thousands of dollars. MFB uses an online giving system that allows donors to liquidate almost any kind of quality non-cash donation effortlessly. 

How does a donor get started?

  1. Visit https://midwestfoodbank.org/donate/donation-opportunities
  2. Click the button that matches the type of non-cash asset you wish to donate.
  3. Complete the online form.
  4. An email with instructions for transferring the donation will be sent. It will include shipping or pickup coordination information.

As with all donations to Midwest Food Bank, donors can designate the division or program that will receive the non-cash donations. MFB strives for an effortless experience that meets the needs of all donors.

Good stewardship is used with every donation to MFB. More than 99% of every dollar donated is directed to serving those in need.

Contact Jada Hoerr, Development & Relations Director with any questions: jhoerr@midwestfoodbank.org