It's a wonderful thing to see the joy on children's faces when they're volunteering. At Midwest Food Bank Georgia we recently had the opportunity to do this.

Gary Eller, father of Spring Hill Elementary School teacher Jeff Eller, and MFB volunteer CDL driver took one of our semis to visit the school. About 30 of Jeff's 3rd-5th grade students were introduced to MFB's mission.

Gary parked the semi in front of the school and gave the students a presentation about what MFB does. With the help of two Fayetteville police officers, two other teachers, and a few of our wonderful volunteers, the students participated in a repackaging project, processing bulk granola bars.

Working alongside these adults, the students had great discussion about serving people in need and giving back to your community. It allowed them to learn about food insecurity.

For the students, it seemed as though the highlight was an opportunity to sit in the cab of the truck. As for the adults, watching a community of people working together to instill in our youth the importance of giving back was the big blessing.