Unrest, violent demonstrations, and road closures continue unabated in Haiti at this writing. This has brought Haiti to the brink of a humanitarian crisis as the flow and availability of food, fuel, medical supplies, and potable water is disrupted. Inflation is skyrocketing further exacerbating access to food and medical necessities, and general overall security within the country continues to deteriorate. Public transportation is largely shut down, as are the country's schools and many of its businesses. At the heart of the crisis is the acute and growing recognition by the Haitian people that their current political and economic system is dysfunctional, corrupt, and unable to provide economic opportunity nor improve the lives of the people in this poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Midwest Food Bank Haiti was able to get a sea-container of Tender Mercies (237,600 servings) into Haiti in late October thru the port in Cap Haitien. A subsequent shipment destined for Port au Prince is in progress and scheduled to arrive late in December.

Please continue to pray for a peaceful solution to this current crisis, for an easing of the additional suffering and toll it is taking on the Haitian people, and for sustainable solutions and progress toward improving the lives of the Haitian people. Most importantly, please pray that even in this crisis, that the Haitian people experience the love of Christ and the peace that comes through knowing and trusting in Him.