We have so much to be thankful for as the doors of 2015 closed, and then opened again for 2016!

The best story for 2016, is to walk in the warehouse and see a local "Life Skills" class working hard, smiling, talking, and packaging products for distribution.

There are no barriers to MFB volunteers, as all are needed and valued for their contributions, given freely to so many needs. When people give to the full capacity of their gifts, there is no ratio of goodness or time that God weighs in the balance. Giving fully in your God given abilities, we believe, brings God's Favor.

We are humbled by all the walks of life that serve, and thankful every time the door swings open and people "walk in" to share their life for the betterment others.

Our staff wish you many blessings for 2016 and we thank you for your efforts and blessings of 2015!

Larry Herman