John and Sarah Huffman who lead the Harvest Recovery House Ministry, a 501 ( c ) 3 organization are taking it to the streets. The Harvest Recovery House is a ministry that goes outside the walls of the church and meets those most in need. John and Sarah take teams of people to minister through love, compassion, food and prayer to the communities of Collier County.

The Harvest Recovery House's mission is to encourage the body of Christ to come together with our community to help those with life controlling issues due to alcohol, drugs and/or anything that controls their life. To see people set free from the misconception that states "once an addict/alcoholic, always an addict/alcoholic." Our vision is accomplished by loving, accepting, mentoring, and coming along side to teach people who they are, and who they were created to be according to the Word of God.

The Harvest Recovery House has partnered with the Midwest Food Bank in receiving food. Together, hundreds are being reached if not thousands by the hearts of those that lead the Harvest. If you want more information on this impactful ministry please click