Kapu Africa (Midwest Food Bank East Africa) primarily distributes Tender Mercies and Unimix to our nonprofit partners. We also have donors who provide produce, yogurt, and other food. Kapu Africa recently received our largest donation of yogurt from Brookside Dairy.

Kenyan-based Brookside Dairy is a long-time corporate donor to Kapu Africa. School children happily receive their donations of yogurt. Brookside recently donated 34,000 cups of yogurt, a donation so large, we needed two more trucks to transport it all.

In Nairobi, the children of the following partnering organizations were blessed with the yogurt: Mathare Outreach Community, Mogra School, Quest for Happiness, Sheepcare, Little Rock, Hope Community School, Bondeni Rescue Centre, REM school, Grapesyard School, Pleasant Hope, Britons School, Liberty Vision, and Glory Christian School.

Kapu Africa has never had an opportunity to share so much yogurt to so many children. It was a blessing to provide them with this protein-rich treat. Thank you, Brookside Dairy.