A donation from the heart

One young, generous heart has started a big project. Third-grader Kate Sweitzer was touring Midwest Food Bank's Georgia Divisionwhen she heard about a need. Executive Director Will Garner was telling Kate's class about the operation of the food bank. As he was sharing the vision for the future and the need for a loading dock and large freezer, Kate was listening. Kate's mother Kathryn says, "Kate has been praying for Midwest Food Bank to get a loading dock and freezer since October 2015. God put MFB on her heart and she listened."

When Kate received some cash for Christmas, she decided to donate it to MFB. But she wanted to give more. Enlisting the help of her friends Anna and Grace Flury, she began fundraising. The girls started selling cookies and lemonade at Clayton Appliances, owned by the Flury family. They also began doing odd jobs around the house as a way of earning more money to donate. Recently, they presented MFB with $313 to be used for building the loading dock.

"One of the true joys of this job is seeing people giving genuinely from their heart," says Will. With this donation MFB plans to step out in faith and begin construction of the loading dock. More funds will be needed. If this is something you would be able to support, please visit our website: peachtree.midwestfoodbank.org