"Every October, nearly 24,000 Lilly employees spend a day out of the office, volunteering in communities around the world. Building on our strong heritage to make life better, our Global Day of Service is a single, coordinated effort to improve the communities where we live and work."*

This year MFBIndy was blessed with about 25 volunteers from Eli Lilly and Elanco that spent the day with us. Volunteers today helped us sort and repackage the donation today so that our agencies can know what they're getting and get it in a manageable amount.

See more about the Lilly Global Day of Service at http://lillyglobaldayofservice.com or follow #WeAreLilly.

MFBIndy gets regular donations from CVS of large bins full of just about anything you could find in a CVS store.

Here is a taste of some of the seasonal items that the Lilly Volunteers helped sort!

*excerpt from lillyglobaldayofservice.com