At McGregor Food Pantry in Fort Myers, Food is only one of the services they offer. Counseling sessions and access to additional resources are available at the pantry.

"When someone walks in these doors they are often in need of more than just food," says Bob Fain of McGregor Food Pantry. "We are blessed to be able to offer leads to other resources during their time of need."

Bob shared a recent story about a gentleman named Frank who showed up at the pantry doors during closed hours. Driving an expensive car, and wearing an expensive suit, this accountant and business owner had now hit hard times. Due to the closure of this business, he was now struggling to feed his family and pay for his wife's essential medications. Desperate and at a loss, he was looking for help when he drove past the large, red sign of the McGregor Food Pantry site. Taking a chance and knocking on the door, Bob appeared and was able to offer him food supplies and connections to resources for additional help.

We are blessed to share a commitment to fighting hunger and helping those in need with McGregor Food Pantry. MFB Florida supports 194 nonprofit partner agencies with nutritious food every month.