We continue to utilize the help of volunteer nutrition and dietetics interns to enrich our services to the pantries we serve. This semester's interns have pioneered a new agency/client newsletter, featuring powerhouse foods, recipes featuring products we distribute, and food safety tips. They have also made themselves available to our agencies by providing samples of recipes during distribution and visiting agency locations.

Another specific project run by our interns was a nutrition cooking class. We received a small and unlikely shipment of electric pressure cookers, perfect for hosting a pressure cooking class for one of our agencies and their clients. Heartland Headstart families were invited to attend the class on November 5, complete with cooking demonstrations and sampling of recipes. At the end of the class, families were given a free pressure cooker and a box of food with recipes to make five different, easy, and budget-friendly meals.

Photo (attached): Interns Helena (left) and Kylee (right) look for creative ways to connect with the end user of the food we distribute.