The gifts were wrapped and the Christmas care packages organized at the Church of Lord of Jesus Christ in Indianapolis. The congregation continued their work as they mourned the tragic death of their assistant pastor, Chris Smith. Smith was shot and killed at his own bachelor party on Nov. 29.

Then, less than a week before Christmas, a fire caused about $100,000 worth of damage at the church and destroyed the gifts. The church that was accustomed to helping and serving their neighborhood found itself in need.

The story moved the community to respond. Midwest Food Bank partnered with the Fraternal Order of Police with food boxes and Meier gift cards so the Christmas care packages could be replaced. In the midst of the obstacles the Church of Lord of Jesus Christ responded by saying "God is good, all the time."

Midwest Food Bank is thankful to work alongside churches, organizations and the community to respond and assist those in need. To view the inspirational news coverage click here.