During COVID-19, many people have self-quarantined due to exposure or compromised immune systems. How do people in quarantine get the food they need? A community collaborative called HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) is answering that question. MFB Peoria is blessed to be a part of the answer.

Quarantined people in need call 211 with their requests. HOI United Way and the Tazewell County Health Department coordinate delivery volunteers. MFB Peoria volunteers box shelf-stable food, including recipes from U of I Extension nutritionists. The delivery volunteers come to MFB Peoria and leave with the food box plus a bag of fresh produce. Volunteers deliver the food, leaving it on doorsteps to maintain social distancing.

These unusual times call for creative answers. MFB Peoria is thankful to be a part of the solution. See the photos below.