Volunteer Synethia Walker is comfortable in the kitchen cooking for other volunteers or driving a forklift in the warehouse. Her willingness to do whatever is needed is appreciated by Midwest Food Bank Texas.

"When she volunteers at MFB she makes sure we all have a wonderful meal for lunch and she is an amazing cook," says Rhonda Revels, Community Development Coordinator at MFB Texas. "There is nothing she can't or won't do here; she even drives the forklift." 

Synethia and her husband, Ronald, are pastors at Restorer of the Breach Worldwide Ministry. They also have a nonprofit that provides food to senior citizens. After she retired from working at Aldi's she committed her time to serve others.

"I love to be in ministry and help people get the food they need," says Synethia.

Volunteers like Synethia are crucial to the mission of Midwest Food Bank. There are 800 volunteers for every one paid MFB staff member. 

Synethia operating the forklift at MFB Texas