The pandemic created uncertainty in so many ways. Food pantries across the United States saw an increase in people utilizing their services. Pantry 279 in rural, southern Indiana went from serving about 3,500 people each month to 6,000-8,000 people each month.

"Midwest Food Bank stepped up and allowed us to come to their warehouse extra times to help meet our increased need," says Cindy Chavez, Director of Pantry 279. "Our guests really appreciate the variety and quality of food we receive from MFB."

Pantry 279 has been receiving food from MFB Indiana for about five years. Those pallets of food are more than just cans on the shelf.

"We know that God is using Pantry 279 in a great way to feed people and to give hope by sharing the gospel," says John Whitaker, Executive Director of MFB Indiana. "It is heartwarming to see so many served by this vibrant ministry," 

Pantry 279 is one of 2,000 MFB nonprofit partners that receive food, at no cost to them, from Midwest Food Bank locations across the United States. These food partners experienced an increase of 20-50% in need during the last year. If you would like to support Pantry 279 and many like it, click here to make a donation to Midwest Food Bank.

Pantry 279 Founder and Operator Cindy Chavez with Martha Lovejoy in December 2016. Photo courtesy Chris Howell/Herald-Times