volunteer (noun) a person who willingly undertakes a service by their own choice

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. The COVID pandemic forced Midwest Food Bank to restructure our volunteer model for everyone's safety. At the same time, the need for family food boxes and Tender Mercies meals ramped up. We are thankful for the volunteers who were able to increase their hours to help us through that time.

Midwest Food Bank Morton is thrilled to welcome schools, church groups, and businesses back to our warehouse to volunteer. There is such fulfillment and community in helping those in need and we are thankful to be able to offer this opportunity again. 

Bradley SERVE "strives to develop servant leadership and creates a sense of civic responsibility in Bradley students by providing opportunities for leadership through community service to all students." This was not able to happen in 2020 but we are glad to welcome back the university students to our warehouse. The students had a great time engaging with each other as they hand-packed Tender Mercies meals.

Community is defined as a "unified body of individuals." This definition is easily displayed in the Precious Moments group at Cornerstone Baptist Church. It was so heart-warming to have this joy-filled group of ladies back in our warehouse. The chatter and smiles were heart-warming as the group worked on labeling Tender Mercies bags.

We are so grateful for each person that walks through our doors and engages in Midwest Food Bank's mission. If you would like to learn about volunteer opportunities or to schedule a group to volunteer, please call us at 309-291-0900 or click here