Investing time in someone is a great way to show you care. Lloyd Williams is investing in some young men in our community.

Lloyd, a basketball coach, recently began using Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal's Community Center for basketball practice, bringing a group of eighth grade boys to play each week. Someone who does this must have a lot of time on his hands, right? Well, since Lloyd holds down three jobs, that seems unlikely. So, why does he do this?

"I used to go to high school football games and noticed there were so many kids without parents or supervision," says Lloyd. "I thought I can do something to give the kids something positive to do and keep them off the streets."

The father of two of his own sons, Lloyd tries to give these young men someone to look up to. "I have kids from single parent homes that look to me as a father figure, he says. "They call me Dad."

Inspiring youth to learn a spirit of servitude is a goal of the MFB Community Center. Sports groups are encouraged to do food packaging projects during their sports season.

"I'm trying to help them put God into their life and teach them how to be leaders," says Lloyd, who attends Eastview Christian Church. "They can be great young men."

The Community Center at MFB Bloomington-Normal allows us to share the blessings of our space back with the community, and to connect the community with the mission of Midwest Food Bank.