Midwest Food Bank donors come in all shapes and sizes (and amounts!). We appreciate the heart each one has for those struggling with food insecurity. Donated funds, great and small, are treated with respect and what we hope is good stewardship.‚Äč

There is a unique subset of donors we'd like to take a moment to highlight. These are generous folks who make consistent donations at set intervals. We call them "Share Partners."

Week by week, month by month, Midwest Food Bank is sharing the blessings it receives to those in need. It is with this same recurring cadence that MFB Share Partners make faithful contributions that bring our mission to life.

For people who wish to make a continual, positive impact, Share Partners makes it easy. Each week, month, or quarter, donors can make an automatic donation directly from a checking account, a debit or credit card. These gifts ensure that food can continued to be collected and distributed to those in the communities we serve.

Midwest Food Bank Share Partners program offers convenience:

  • The donor selects the amount. There is not a minimum dollar threshold to be a Midwest Food Bank Share Partner.
  • Our website allows donors to easily set up recurring donation. Some Midwest Food Bank Share Partners prefer to mail their check directly to Midwest Food bank, and that works too.
  • There is no need to remember to give. The online donations are automatically applied and will appear on the account statement. Receipts are issued as donations are received.
  • At any time, donors can modify or halt donation through an easy, online portal.
  • We allow donors to have a say where their money goes. Midwest Food Bank Share Partners donations can support our General Operations, Tender Mercies or Disaster Relief for any of our 10 Divisions.

For more information, or to sign up for Share Partners, please click here.