Midwest Food Bank Texas continues to seek how we might better serve our agencies and provide positive volunteer engagement. Some changes recently made include our hours of operation: now MWF from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Our distribution days are Monday and Friday, the first four weeks of each month. 

Here are some recent happenings:

With the help of a generous granting foundation, MFB Texas was able to purchase a 26' refrigerated box truck. It's a great compliment to our 53' refrigerated semi trailer. Look for both of them out and about the Metroplex.

Two faithful groups of volunteers have been helping prepare food for distribution. Three times each month, they gather to build pallets. Together they build about 48 pallets a month. Each pallet usually consists of about 60-70 items and weighs about 700 pounds.

The first group is from the Central Bible Church (formerly The Pantego Bible Church). They come in the first Tuesday evening of each month for a time of fellowship while serving.

The other group is a fitness group that calls themselves "The Gladiator Pallet Builders." Two Friday afternoons a month they come in to build pallets as their workout for that day.

We appreciate the consistent help they provide MFB Texas.
The Gladiator Pallet Builders
We received two unique donations recently. One was bulk oral hygiene products. The other was bulk mixed products from a drug store closing (chapstick, deodorant, dental floss, tissues, shampoo, etc​).​ We were able to break these out into smaller packages to share with numerous agencies. Most of us don't typically think of the expense and necessity of oral hygiene products and drugs store items, but to those without these products, they can be rays of sunshine into a less than perfect world.
Corporal James Gordon is in the Community Services DIvision of the Euless Police Department. He teaches self-defense courses, and attends and helps coordinate Police involvement at community events. Below, he is taking the hygiene donations to distribute to schools in low income sections of the city.