Board members are one of the many volunteer roles at Midwest Food Bank. Board members share their time, hearts, and expertise. MFB Haiti would like to introduce three people that have joined their board recently.

Katie Magwire - Katie went on a mission trip to Haiti in 2018 and witnessed not only the poverty but the joy that Haitian people have for life and their families. That experience motivated her to find a way to volunteer and serve. She has been with State Farm for 15 years and is currently a mid-level claims leader. Katie and her husband, Ryan, have two children.

Jaci Sager - In 2005, Jaci went to Haiti after a major hurricane hit that country. She was moved by the perseverance of Haitians and how they value helping others with whatever they have. She has worked at Caterpillar for 20 years and is currently in the venture capital group. Jaci and her husband, Ryan, want to model service to their two sons.

Tom Moss - Tom is the former Director of Development for Haitian Christian Ministries, where he led and inspired people to serve in Haiti. He also is a claims consultant at State Farm with career experience in disaster relief. Tom and his wife, Kim, enjoy volunteering and spending time with their daughter. Tom has been a member of the MFB Haiti board for three years.