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Looking for Volunteer Ideas?


The benefits of volunteering with Midwest Food Bank do not end at helping end world hunger. Thank you for helping us put our mission into action!

Volunteer Opportunities for Families

When the Kieser family founded Midwest Food Bank, their goal was to share their blessings with the world. Volunteer opportunities give families their own chance to take part in this important journey.

  • Make a family tradition: Many families enjoy having their own traditions. Make volunteering with Midwest Food Bank a favorite family pastime!
  • Volunteer for holidays: During the holiday seasons, families often have a heightened desire to give back to their community. Join Midwest Food Bank in providing families in need with food for their own holiday celebrations.


Volunteering for Teens

Teenagers have a lively spirit and a willingness to learn that makes them excellent volunteers! We prefer that volunteers are at least 11 years of age to ensure safety and success. Chaperones may be required depending on age.

  • Youth groups: The heart of Midwest Food Bank is built on non-denominational Christian values. Come and share in fulfilling the faith-fueled mission of providing aid to those in need.
  • School clubs: Volunteering provides middle and high school students with excellent experience that translates into first jobs and college applications.


Volunteer Opportunities for College Students

Many colleges require volunteering as a graduation qualification. Fraternities and sororities also have community engagement goals. Please consider MFB for your college civic engagement requirements. We can accommodate individuals or groups, and offer flexible scheduling. MFB believes service-learning can help students enhance their classroom learning, gain career-readiness skills, and explore passion areas, all while serving real community needs.


Community Service Programs

When a whole community is driven toward the same goal, amazing things are bound to happen.

  • Community group involvement: Bring a sports team, parents’ club, or a seniors’ breakfast group to volunteer at Midwest Food Bank! Groups of any kind or size can be accommodated, and volunteer tasks will be determined based on age, ability, and even interest.
  • Consider Midwest Food Bank for future fundraisers: Many community groups adopt an organization for a certain period of fundraising. If a group cannot volunteer in person, monetary donations are also graciously accepted.



Internships at MFB offer an opportunity to gain practical experience in the nonprofit world while making a difference in your community. Contact the MFB nearest you for information on available internships.


Thank you for your interest in benefitting the lives of millions of people across the globe. No matter your level of help, your impact is heard and seen worldwide. Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities at your nearest MFB location.