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Planned Giving

Couple talking LO RESIn addition to cash donations, MFB accepts a variety of financial gifts to support our mission. Planned giving is a broad category of charitable contributions given at the time of the donor's passing. Upon dying, assets can only pass three places: friends and family, taxes, and nonprofit organizations. A charitable gift from your estate is often a favored method of giving that enables you to achieve your financial goals and benefit Midwest Food Bank. Giving through your will or trust allows you to support MFB and create a lasting legacy that endures beyond your lifetime.

Couple child grandchild LO RESPlanned Giving

Planned Giving, also known as Legacy Giving, is a way to make a generous, lasting contribution to a cause you support. Aside from the tax benefits, a gift from your estate can have a lasting impact. Wise and thoughtful planning can minimize or eliminate estate tax liability and enable you to redirect tax dollars for charitable impact. 

Charitable bequest

The most common planned gift is a charitable bequest. A donor can make a Charitable Bequest via a trust or will. Contributions may include cash, real estate, life insurance, equity, or personal property. You can establish charitable bequest values in multiple ways:

  • Specific Amount. An exact set of funds allocated to an organization.
  • Percentage. A set percentage of the donor's total estate.
  • Remainder. Any money left after all other bequests are paid out.

You may designate a Specific Midwest Food Bank location by noting this on the gift.

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Q: Can someone contact me about including MFB in my estate plan? 

A:  Yes! Simply submit your name and contact information, and we will reach out to you soon.

Q: Who can have an estate plan?

A:  Anyone with money or assets such as vehicles, real estate, securities, or other valuable items. Estate plans aren’t only for households with great wealth. 

Q: Why have an estate plan?

A: There are many goals in an estate plan: preserving family wealth, providing for a surviving spouse and children, funding children’s or grandchildren’s education, or leaving their legacy behind to a charitable cause.

Q: Can my estate plan create a legacy?

A:  Absolutely! This is Planned Giving. Giving to a charitable cause through your estate plan is a wonderful legacy. Learn more about how to include Midwest Food Bank in your Estate.

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