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Midwest Food Bank of Indiana


The origin of Midwest Food Bank’s Indianapolis, Indiana location reminds us that together, we can accomplish amazing things. Efforts started here in 2005 when a group from Indianapolis worked with Midwest Food Bank to ship containers of food to Liberia, Africa, an area in desperate need.  

By 2007, it became obvious that the Indianapolis area and beyond had a large population of those suffering from hunger, and the group decided that a permanent local Midwest Food Bank location was necessary. The land and building were graciously donated, and remodeling was completed by 2008 when the first load-out took place. Today, Midwest Food Bank of Indianapolis provides food to 322 agency partners. We continue to fight hunger in over 50 counties in Indiana and Kentucky with the help and support of our incredible volunteers.

Unique Food Bank Offerings and Partnerships

The Indianapolis location is currently the only Midwest Food Bank location with a Garden of Hope. This is an actual on-site garden, taken care of by the Burmese (Chin) refugees in the area. These volunteers grow 25-30 thousand pounds of fresh produce annually for those in need. Most of this produce goes directly to the Indianapolis location, but some is sent to other locations when possible. This amazing resource provides a new opportunity for volunteers and ensures there is always healthy and fresh food going to agency partners.

Midwest Food Bank of Indianapolis continues to grow by always looking for new ways to provide food for the hungry. We understand that more partnerships mean more people are fed. We have partnered with the Indiana Motor Truck Association and three other food bank organizations. Our partnership with Indy Hunger Network in Indianapolis helped to develop Food Drop Indy, which ensures that no food goes to waste. Now, when stores can’t accept food from a delivery truck for whatever reason, that truck will then head to one of the partnered locations to donate any salvageable food.

There are so many opportunities to help stop hunger. Please consider working with us on the most fulfilling journey you may ever experience. Donation and volunteer opportunities are always available.


6450 S. Belmont St.
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Phone: 317-786-8980

Fax: 317-786-8977

Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri


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