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Join us as a Midwest Food Bank Volunteer!


Thank you for your interest in benefitting the lives of millions of people across the globe. Our volunteers are more than our hands and feet; they are fundamental to the success of our organization. They collect, sort, pack, and distribute food and disaster relief donations, and remind us every day that our mission could not be achieved without them. More than 30,000 volunteers put in over 350,000 hours of service in 2022, the equivalent of over 175 full-time employees. The service of these dedicated volunteers allows Midwest Food Bank to operate efficiently.


Meet some amazing volunteers below



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Contact us if you would like to:

  • Schedule a specific time for your group.
  • Learn about becoming a Core Volunteer.
  • Volunteer to complete community service hours.


There are different ways to volunteer 

Individual Volunteer

Looking for a way to engage in your community? Individual volunteers may work independently or join a scheduled group. Food distribution days offer a unique way of coming in alone and working with a team to accomplish a mission. Volunteering at MFB can also help high school and college students meet community service hours. Individual volunteering could lead you to a Core Volunteer position.

Group Volunteer

Your employee team, church or civic group, or school club can enjoy a time of working together toward a common goal. It's a great opportunity to create and strengthen relationships and build team spirit. These groups often take bulk food donations and repackage them for individual use. Family-friendly opportunities also exist for a fun and meaningful time of togetherness.

Core Volunteer

Some volunteer roles entail tasks that would normally be performed by a paid staff member. Core Volunteers fill these positions, helping MFB keep overhead costs low. These positions include building and equipment maintenance, warehouse support, bookkeeping, front desk reception, communications writing, event planning, and volunteer group leading. Talk to a Volunteer Coordinator to learn how your talents and passions can support those in need. 

Benefits of Volunteerism

Whether working as an individual or in a group, volunteering brings tremendous impact that goes far beyond the mission of the organization; every person who chooses to volunteer experiences benefits, as well. Benefits include:

  • Making a difference: Providing a service to those in need brings a sense of accomplishment, pride, and happiness.
  • Learning new skills: Work done at volunteer organizations often differs greatly from work done in private businesses. By taking advantage of community service opportunities, one has the chance to learn more about other industries while gaining communication and teamwork skills.
  • Building community: Volunteering is an excellent way to build team spirit, foster relationships among group members, or make new friends.
  • Boosting your resume: People love to work with good people! Volunteer experience may boost your chances of landing a job or getting into your preferred college.






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