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Crocodile Meat Project


Revised Timetable

The crocodile farm providing the crocodile carcasses for our meat processing plant has decided to delay first slaughter until early 2016 to give their stock time to grow to optimum skinning size for their leather goods business.

Tragic loss

While we're disappointed, the delay actually gives us time to re-group from a tragedy we encountered. On our May 2015 trip to Nairobi we met with a Danish gentleman who was a longtime owner of a restaurant supply business in Kenya. He not only offered to sell us essentially all the equipment we need, but he was impressed by our mission and for much of our equipment he would say "I can get someone to donate that to you", or "we can probably get that used for little or nothing". We came back to the US and raised enough money to cover his estimated cost, and by June we tried to confirm our order. But he didn't answer emails. In September we went back to his office in Nairobi, only to be told he had tragically been killed in a robbery at his home in June…and there was no record that he had talked with anyone about our equipment needs. So our project lost a friend, and we lost a donor and supplier.

We've recovered from the shock and have started to find alternate suppliers. But we haven't found suppliers willing to donate or subsidize the freezer, steel tables, knives, cutting boards, etc., that would have limited our cost. So, we're faced with a funding shortfall for the equipment of at least $10,000.

Opportunity to help

Our commitment has been to build and equip the meat processing plant with funds specially earmarked for meat processing, knowing that it is more like a long-term investment than a short-term feeding program. Crocodile meat is known to be maybe the best possible meat for brain-developing amino acids critical for elementary school students, so it will be a tremendous addition to diets of kids who typically get very little or no meat of any kind. We're excited with the possibilities, and are anxious to start monitoring kids mental and physical progress once they start eating crocodile meat regularly. Crocodile meat is so nutrition-packed that our meat sciences expert assures us that as little as two ounces a week will bring noticeable changes in a young child!

But, we need help. If anyone has a heart to help equip our meat processing plant, please make a donation today.

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