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Kapu Africa brings relief to drought-stricken areas

Areas in Kenya are in the fifth year of drought. Crops fail, and livestock is dying, increasing food insecurity in an already fragile location. In mid-October, Kapu Africa partnered with Operation Blessing to bring relief and the Gospel to hurting people. Operation Blessing raised funding for 18 tonnes of Tender Mercies and Unimix from Kapu Africa.

"It was heartbreaking to witness the adverse effects of drought in Samburu and Marsabit, says Godwin Matswa of Kapu Africa. "Children were fainting from hunger."
On the first day, we traveled 14 hours to Kurungu Villiage in Samburu. Mr. Mikky, a missionary from Australia, hosted us. He has a Bible school to equip young people in theology. Later, they serve in open-air (under-tree) churches all over Samburu. This ministry reaches over 1,000 families across the region.

The next day, we visited the villages of Lonjorin, Ltalentian, and Kurungu. We shared the Word of God and demonstrated the cooking of Tender Mercies and Unimix. The cookout food fed 350 children and elderly people.
The villages of Keleswa, Arge, Nairabala, Moran, and Samurai were visited the next day. They received the same Gospel and food. Many of the 450 families had walked up to two hours to receive the donated food.

This relief is meaningful to the local people, as no NGO reaches out this far to offer them food. More food is needed for the people of this area. Your generosity can fund meals for these people suffering from drought. 

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