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Leading the Fight Against Food Insecurity

Imagine a genuinely humble company that understands winning a prestigious title or getting recognized is not something to glow about. It is not the end goal. At Midwest Food Bank (MFB), we see it as a reflection of something much deeper. A culture committed to making an impact in the lives of others, driven by God's mission. A culture where the community comes together to tackle one of society's most pressing issues. This is our and your story of leading the fight against food insecurity.

Making the Headline

In a recent review of the Top 300 Food Banks, Midwest Food Bank emerged as the nation's largest independent food bank. The report highlights the challenges food banks face, including managing high public expectations and addressing the increased need for food assistance, highlighting a rise in disasters and food insecurity.

The Heart of MFB

Let us take a moment to celebrate and express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated volunteers, whose tireless efforts and unwavering commitment are the driving force behind our mission. From sorting and packaging food to administrative tasks, these individuals bring their diverse skills and an unmatched passion for service. This culture has been the cornerstone of MFB's success, fostering an environment where every individual's contribution is valued and every act of kindness multiplies.

The Model: Simplicity and Efficiency

Midwest Food Bank operates on a simple yet effective model: rescuing donated food and distributing it at no cost with an operational efficiency of 99.4%. This means less than 1 cent of every dollar donated is spent on management and fundraising. This approach has been crucial in addressing the escalating challenge of food insecurity. Recent USDA statistics paint a concerning picture, with 12.8 percent of U.S. households experiencing food insecurity in 2022, up from 10.2 percent in 2021. MFB's approach is a direct response to this, adapting to the growing needs of families, children, and individuals who face the uncertainty of their next meal.

Growth Through Faith

Attributing our growth to a higher purpose, MFB has become a leader in the fight against hunger by giving glory to God and focusing relentlessly on our mission. Eric Hodel, CEO of MFB, shares, "Our journey is a miraculous testament to what faith, hope, and community can achieve. It's about touching lives, one meal at a time." This growth is not measured merely in numbers but in the smiles, relief, and gratitude of those served.

You see, the true aim was never about size or status; it wasn't about being the biggest food bank in the nation. It was always about something far more profound – embodying the love of Christ by easing the hardship of hunger. The ultimate dream, of course, is a world where food banks are no longer necessary. But reality challenges us and pushes us to adapt and grow. We recognize that, as much as this is a reward with Midwest Food Bank's name on it, it is as much of a tribute to all who made it happen: you. Thank you.

Join the fight against food insecurity with our volunteer family. Get started here.

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