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MFB Georgia grant-writing volunteer a blessing

Sara Severn knows about service and sacrifice. Her husband is an active duty Army officer, and her three adult sons are either military veterans or currently serving in the military.

The military lifestyle also makes it hard for Sara to maintain a job. They have relocated six times in the last eight years. So, volunteering and serving at Midwest Food Bank Georgia is in her DNA. Volunteering helps her meet people and serve others.

"I volunteer because I feel that God has called me to use my talents and abilities for the benefit of others," says Sara. "Volunteering allows me to serve, grow and connect to the local community."

She started volunteering about a year ago on distribution days when MFB distributes food to nonprofit partner agencies. She also assists MFB by writing grant proposals.

Sara says she is blessed to serve the Lord with her whole self at MFB Georgia. At load-out, she can use her healthy body to physically move food one step closer to the tables of hungry people. But it is through the grant team that Sara has been able to stretch her mind, creativity, and faith most fully. 

"I have gained a deeper understanding of how unique and efficient MFB is at reducing food waste, meeting the needs of the hungry and channeling the power of volunteers," she says. 

Sara has tangibly experienced God's providence and goodness in the grant team's journey this year. It went from launching to successfully securing grant funding from several sources.

"Each grant application is both a creative challenge and an opportunity to tell the story of the good work of MFB," says Sara. "This is extremely satisfying for me because of the time I spend at load-out with the amazing agency partners in our region."

MFB is continually searching for grants that can help support our mission. Having volunteers assist in this area is vital.

"Sara has a true gift for organizing thoughts and finding the exact words that express our mission when working on grant applications," says Lina Martin, Volunteer Coordinator for MFB Georgia. "We are blessed to have her as part of the grant team."

For Sara, the relationships she has developed at MFB are meaningful, too.

"During my first volunteer year at MFB, both of my parents died unexpectedly from cancer five months apart. The warmth and smiles of my fellow volunteers and the staff helped me feel loved," says Sara. "They generously shared their own life experiences, which provided perspective. The devotions they share on load-out days are a source of strength and solace."

When she is not at MFB, Sara enjoys reading, hiking, biking, gardening, learning new languages, painting, and fiber crafts. 

The MFB Georgia team is always looking for new volunteers. Or maybe you have another expertise or talent that would help us serve our communities. Contact Lina Martin to learn more. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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