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Morton Update 10.12.2012

Peoria/Morton Division Update!

Hello from the Board of the Peoria/Morton Midwest Food Bank.

Over the past two months, you have probably wondered what has been happening with the Morton property.

This email will inform you of the progress!

Property Closing

Buying property is rarely simple or easy. In short, the building is in a condominium association and we needed to be sure that all the owners and attorneys were satisfied with the contract. There have never been any problems or doubts that it would work out. It just takes time for that process. It will be done soon, we are confident.


Between cash and intentions, we are just under our original $400,000 goal. With the money raised and bank loans, we have the funds needed to close. Thanks for your support! We could not have done it without you.

As the project moves forward, we will be needing funds for the remodel project. Some of the work will be volunteered with zero cost; other parts will have to be payed for. We will make the public & you aware as those needs arise.

Project Timeline

Here is a tentative timeline of our plans moving forward:

Fall 2012: Finalize contract with seller. Develop comprehensive plan/strategy for building.

Winter 2012: Remodel and set-up interior of building.

Spring 2012: Clean up and re-work exterior of building.

Summer 2012: Grand Opening!


Most importantly, thank you for your prayers and patience. We are ALL excited about physically occupying the space. Volunteers and food recipients are waiting to receive a blessing from the work that will be done. We don't take that lightly. We are working towards that end.

Please pray that we are responsive to the Spirit's leading. We want to discern when to push and when to be patient in all we do.

Please let any of our Board know if you have any questions. We are your willing servants.

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