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The older helping the younger

On December 5, 2017, Kapu Africa board member Denny Mott and his wife, Beth, visited a home for the elderly in Nairobi's Pangani slum area. An Austrian nun started the home years ago, and it now houses 74 people. The Motts were shown the clean rooms each resident shares with another. They also were shown the kitchen and outdoor general sitting area.

"Words cannot describe the loving care they receive," reports Beth. "Each resident is thankful to be there, and all seem to have compassionate spirits."

This spirit of compassion has led the home to feed many of the neighborhood children when they are not in school. This is especially helpfull when the children are on lengthy breaks, such as the entire month of December.

The bulk of Midwest Food Bank East Africa food provision goes to children in Christian schools and orphanages in Nairobi's slums. The Motts, on behalf of MFB East Africa, were able to deliver one metric ton of Aftrica Tender Mercies. That amount wil provide 10,000 meals.

The home is totally dependant on donations. they repeatedly gave thanks to God for the much-needed food.

As Beth said, "Young children and elderly people encouraging each other is a beautiful sight!" Midwest Food Bank is blessed to be able to partner with agencies like this home to provide relief from hunger. 

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