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Why we do what we do

People in difficult life circumstances often feel as though no one is on their side. The thought, "Who cares?" must run through their minds.

At Midwest Food Bank, we want to respond with a reassuring, "We do!" We care, and that's why we do what we do.

How many people appreciate what foster families really do for kids? We do, and that's why we support organizations like A Window of Hope for Upson's Kids and Bloom Our Youth. Our food alleviates a financial burden on these special families. They support kids who need to feel loved.

How many hate that Atlanta is a hub for sex trafficking? We do, and that's why we support Wellspring Living and The Children's Village at Christian City. The food support we provide allows these organizations to focus their funds on programs for young women and children who are victims of the horrors of sex trafficking or sexual abuse.

How many love what AVPride does for youth leadership and mentoring in Fayette County? We do, and that's why we provide them with snacks and drinks for the kids participating in their programs.

Do you abhor the fact that there are battered women and children in our community? We do, and that's why we support Promise Place, an organization that shelters women and children, providing them a safe place to recover and regroup.

Do you think there are hungry kids in the classrooms in Fayette County who can't concentrate because their stomachs are rumbling? We do, and that's why we deliver a couple of boxes full of snacks to the elementary and middle schools in Fayette County each month. Not only can a school counselor or teacher give a child a granola bar or fruit cup so they can concentrate, but our teachers are now not spending so much of their own money on snacks.

These are just a few examples of the impact our donors and volunteers are having in our community. We do more than just help feed the hungry; we provide support to over 300 wonderful nonprofit organizations making a positive difference in their communities.

We want to do more. And we can with your help.

Make a donation today. Better yet, become one of our Share Partners with a monthly gift. Image the impact you can have. 

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