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A local donation of 20,000 pounds of potatoes!

At MFB Pennsylvania, volunteers devote their time to converting bulk items into family-sized portions. Whether bagging rice, measuring pasta, or packaging sweets, the task is a communal effort laced with small joys, like the shared smiles over bagging butterscotch chips (some volunteers are still talking about that!). The work is fulfilling on its own, but it gains an additional layer of meaning when local agriculture is involved. This was the case when Sterman Masser Farms in Sacramento, PA, donated a remarkable 20,000 pounds of potatoes.
In communities like this, fresh produce isn't merely a donation; it's a lifeline. Potatoes, with their universal appeal, are particularly cherished. Yet, for some volunteers, these potatoes are not just food; they're fragments of personal history. While packing potatoes, one such individual recounted a time when his family's diet was limited to the humble tuber for every meal. This history doesn't dampen his spirits, however; he still finds joy in the simple pleasure of fried potatoes and takes pride in providing for those in need.

The dedication of volunteers facilitates the journey of these potatoes from Masser's Farm's generosity to the hands of grateful families. They are the ones behind the wheel of the trucks, the careful hands that package the produce, and the warm smiles that distribute these staples. Together, they ensure that a basic pleasure—a hearty meal—reaches tables beyond their own.
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