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Celebrating Christmas with Kapu Africa partner Bondeni Rescue Center

Children bring the gift of excitement, joy, and smiles at Christmas. Kapu Africa experienced that when they celebrated Christmas with the children of Bondeni Rescue Center in Athiriver.
Kapu Africa enjoyed celebrating Christmas with the children of Bondeni Rescue Center.
Kapu Africa (MFB East Africa) provides food to Bondeni, a seven-year-old school housing about 90 boys and girls aged two to 17. It also provides support to about 20 children that live with a guardian. The children living at Bondeni come there for several reasons - the death of their parents, through the court system, poverty, or parental negligence.

When Bondeni started, they would provide children with food when they came to the scrap yard to sell metal and plastics they had gathered. This was their source of income for these children. There, Bondeni staff would talk to the children about the importance of education and encourage them to consider the school as their home.

While Bondeni means "in the valley," the goal for these children is to scale the heights of their aspirations. Bondeni staff help by giving shelter, clothing, education, and food.

Kapu Africa is one of the providers of nutritious food for this school. What a gift it was to see the smiles of children as they celebrated the birth of Christ. 

"The joy and love that we receive from our clients when we express love through donations can never be quantified," says Godwin Matswa of Kapu Africa.

Would you like to help Kapu Africa support the children of Bondeni Rescue Center and many others like them? Consider making a donation.

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