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Kapu Africa partner feeding children in 'dumpsite community'

The words dumpsite and community don't seem like they go together. But for about 15 million people around the globe, their community and home are in a dumpsite.

Staff and volunteers at Kapu Africa have witnessed dumpsite communities with their own eyes. They see the many dangers. The statistics are the people standing before them, scavenging for food and useful items in a mountain of garbage.

The statistics tell the story, and here are just a few. About 30 percent of infants die before early childhood. Methane gas from the garbage contaminates the water, food, and air. Children often don't receive any education.
Maisha Maypa distributing Tender Mercies and Unimix from Kapu Africa (MFB East Africa).
But organizations like Maisha Mapya are doing what they can to feed, educate and meet the physical needs of the dumpsite community in Nakuru, Kenya. A school is located near a dump there, and children can learn and get a meal.

Recently, Maisha Mapya purchased nutritious Tender Mercies and Unimix from Kapu Africa, and MFB staff were there when the food was given out.

"Maisha Mapya has just a unique way of changing the generation around the dumpsite community," says Godwin Matswa of Kapu Africa. "They are devoted to providing for physical needs, spiritual needs, and education."

Financial support for Kapu Africa supports food distributions like this. That money can provide a nutritious meal helping a child learn. It also provides hope, one serving at a time.

Your support can help children in these dire circumstances. Make a donation here.
Maisha Maypa distributing Tender Mercies and Unimix from Kapu Africa (MFB East Africa).
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