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Harvest for the Holidays blesses Midwest Food Bank

 Harvest for the Holidays

Megan Grebner had a great idea and went about to achieve it. The campaign is partnered with The Illinois Farmer's' Bureau, News Radio 1470 and Classic Country Radio 1290.

The Beginning:

The Midwest Food Bank launched its "harvest for the holidays" campaign November 5, 2010, a way for area farmers to donate a part of their yield to Tender Mercies Meals.

Tender Mercies is a pre-packaged chicken and rice meal made with Illinois corn and soy products offered by the Midwest Food Bank.

The Result:

The Midwest Food Bank can feed 229,000 people thanks the Harvest for the Holidays Program.

The new program started by radio stations 1470 and 1290 raised close to $30 thousand. Local farmers spent the last six weeks donating bushels of corn and soybeans to grain elevators for the program.

The money raised by the sale of those goods is being used to create locally made healthy meals called Tender Mercies.

Midwest Food Bank Director Larry Herman said, "In here is rice, dehydrated pinto beans, and there's textured vegetable protein and there's also a compound of natural chicken flavoring and extra vitamins and nutrients that are blended specifically for this meal."

The Tender Mercies meals will be donated to 185 local not for profit organizations.Herman says around 30,000 more people are asking for meals this year.

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December News Video:

November 8th News Video:

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