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MFB Morton volunteer brings skills in social media

Volunteering at Midwest Food Bank can fit into any work schedule. At MFB, we get creative when it comes to finding just the right volunteer job for every person.

That's the case for JayLyn Knobloch, a third-shift nurse. Even though she works night shift at a local hospital, JayLyn wanted to volunteer at MFB.

"I love the community and love what is felt here. Everyone is here because they feel passionate about the mission of MFB," JayLyn says. "It is so evident by the joy people exude,"

She also volunteers out of a sense of gratitude for her own blessings.

"I volunteer here because I was blessed to be in a family that never had to worry where our next meal was coming from," JayLyn says. "I realize that isn't the case for everyone and if I can help with a cause that will feed the hungry, I want to take that opportunity."

Working as a cardiac nurse, JayLyn enjoys the flexibility of working three night shifts each week. This allows plenty of time to help others, whether that is babysitting for friends, helping at food distribution days, or a Tender Mercies packing event at a local Midwest Food Bank.

Besides volunteering and serving others, JayLyn enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading books, outdoor activities and traveling across the United States and world.

JayLyn was first introduced to Midwest Food Bank in 2003 when the organization was getting started and food was being distributed out of a shed on the Kieser farm near Bloomington.

One of the Kieser brothers was family friends of the Knoblochs and invited them to be a part of their new mission. JayLyn continued to be a part of Midwest Food Bank over the years in various ways. She was on the Young Leaders Board for the Peoria Division in 2018 where she assisted in coordinating a Trivia Fundraiser night. In 2019, JayLyn began a new role with MFB – she monitors the MFB Instagram account. In this role JayLyn keeps followers up-to-date on the latest news at our divisions and spotlights all the work of volunteers and agencies that come through our doors.

There are many ways to be involved as a volunteer at Midwest Food Bank. All skills, gifts, talents and passions can some way assist MFB in accomplishing our mission: to share the love of Christ by alleviating hunger and malnutrition. Call us and we will make sure you find just the right volunteer task.

To stay connected to MFB, please be sure to follow us - @midwestfoodbank. Follow us, tag us and invite your friends to follow, too! 

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Sunday, 19 September 2021

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