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MFB on Fox Business

We've known that we were ranked as the #1 Top Notch Charity according to, but we didn't know President and CEO of Charity Navigator, Ken Burger would be on Fox Business' The Willis Report and would give a special nod to the Midwest Food Bank! In a piece aired on November 13, Mr. Berger, after discussing holiday giving at the register, mentions the Midwest Food Bank as a top charity in the country. Our mention comes around the 2:30 mark.


*To correct a bit of misinformation in this piece, Ken Berger states that the Midwest Food Bank helps to feed "550 million people each month". While we at the Midwest Food Bank Indianapolis are very effective with our donations and have a broad reach, 550 million people is roughly the entire population of all North America!! In actuality, Midwest Food Bank Indianapolis helps to feed about 70,000 people each month in Indiana and our other divisions are making significant impacts in their communities as well. 

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