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Nussbaum Trucking Academy's unique partnership with MFB

Nussbaum Trucking saw a need and provided a solution. The need - the CDL driving course at Heartland College had grown beyond the college's ability to manage. The solution - the Nussbaum Trucking Academy at Heartland Community College in Normal.

The Academy started in the fall of 2021, and so far, 58 students have completed training and education to earn a CDL. MFB relies on volunteers with a CDL to get the hundreds of semi-loads that are picked up from food donors and then transported to our warehouses annually. MFB drivers also respond by delivering disaster relief loads all over the country. So, having quality training available is beneficial to our mission.

The Academy is also tangibly connected to MFB. Nussbaum uses part of the MFB Bloomington lot for their training. It provides students with an open space and loading dock for practical experience. 

The drivers in the Academy also need driving hours as part of their training. They often volunteer their time transporting loads between the Bloomington and Morton, Illinois, divisions. This gives them experience driving with a full trailer.

"At the heart of the Nussbaum Trucking Academy, is a desire to positively impact our community and provide an exceptional training experience to our students," says Brendon Nussbaum, HR Manager for Nussbaum Trucking. "It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the trucking industry and train individuals in becoming professional truck drivers."

In addition to the Academy, Nussbaum trucking also supports MFB through volunteer groups and financial donations. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities at MFB.

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