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Shipment to Tacloban, Philippines

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devasted large portions of southeast Asia, in

particular, the Philippines (where it is known as Typhoon Yolanda). Midwest Food Bank responded to the disaster back then and continues to support the rebuilding effort. Earlier this week, a shipping container from MFB arrived in the Philippines.

The load this week included medical equipment and thousands of prepackaged, nutritious meals from Midwest's Tender Mercies program. MFB Indianapolis board members helped arrange the shipment in partnership with the MFB Morton Division and the Orphan Grain Train.

Below is a note we received from Jeff Long in the Philippines.

From: jeff
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2015 5:34 PM
To: karen
Subject: RE: Clearance of OGT 1420 in Cebu

great news Karen, Off the pier in Cebu, on a boat to Tacloban, off the pier in Tacloban,
on a truck to the Light House, emptied the food, on to the hospital, unloaded the hospital
belongings, crane in place, unloaded the container into the spot chosen by the hospital staff,

All is well, they finished about midnight,

a great effort from Illinois to Indiana to Nebraska and on down the line,

Thank you so much, just ahead of 80 people arriving this weekend to help do medical missions and
feedings for 1000's .....

Amazed yet again at the timing,

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Shipment to Tacloban, Philippines
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