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Special Needs Services a win-win at MFB Arizona

Some people have a way of filling up a room with a positive atmosphere. Take JC, one of the adults that volunteer at Midwest Food Bank, Arizona.

JC loves to wear hats and was the inspiration behind a "hat day" at MFB. She is one of a handful of adults from Special Needs Services who volunteer three days a week at the food bank. They come with a job coach and while they assist MFB in various ways, they also are learning skills that will prepare them for employment. What they learn through volunteering can be just the experience needed to help them gain employment. John is an example of someone that applied what he learned through his MFB volunteer experience to get a paying job.

"We will miss John but are thrilled to hear he is doing well," says Merilee Baptiste, executive director.

The adults that volunteer at MFB through Special Needs Services do many tasks such as laundry, garbage, recycling, and making sure there are drinks for other volunteers.

Hats off to Special Needs Services! 

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