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Kapu Africa partner working for God's glory

Kapu Africa (Midwest Food Bank East Africa) has recently been able to help the impoverished Samburu people, located in north central Kenya. A donation of 4 tonnes of Tender Mercies and Unimix has not only filled empty stomachs but has also nourished souls, supporting the mission of sharing the gospel and scriptures with the people there.

While the food continues to be a lifeline for widows, needy children, and those with medical conditions, this report shines a spotlight on the 100 preschoolers of Kurungu Christian Academy (KCA). This school, which began this year with 90 children, has been operating without proper classrooms, using the AIC Kurungu church building and its store awning as makeshift teaching spaces. Despite the challenges, the spirit of the community and the dedication of the staff have been unwavering.

With limited resources to run the school, the food donations have been a beacon of hope. The mixed rice and soya have become staples for the children, ensuring they receive the nutrition they so desperately need. The impact has been profound, with healthier children attending school regularly, their bodies strengthened, and their minds alert.

"The timing of our partnership with Kapu Africa is clearly God's provision," says Mick Alley, AIC Kaurunga. "The food has been an incredible blessing as we train the children in the Lord's ways while teaching the education curriculum. Our Godly, loving staff is doing this work for God's glory."

Initially, some children's bodies reacted to the sudden influx of nutrition, causing concern among parents. But with time, their systems adapted, and the benefits became evident. The joy on the children's faces during the afternoon Soya Porridge time, their preference for the mixed rice over regular rice, and the teachers' and cooks' testimonials all attest to the transformative power of this initiative.

The gratitude of the community is palpable. The teachers, cooks, and staff of KCA are deeply thankful to the donors and hope for continued support as the school grows and nurtures the next generation of Samburu.

"We are blessed to work with partners like KCA," says Christine Mutsoli, Executive Director of Kapu Africa. "They are nurturing souls, ensuring that the message of love, hope, and faith reaches every corner of Samburu. 

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