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God at work through Kapu Africa

After two years of patient dialogue, Kapu Africa (MFB East Africa) is blessed by the SOS Children's Villages recognizing the potential of Tender Mercies, and agreeing to incorporate it into their emergency relief program. This followed our collaborative relief during the COVID pandemic.

Godwin Matswa, of Kapu Africa, was part of the team that journeyed to Meru. Our first stop was Munithu and Rwanyange villages. We introduced Tender Mercies to the local authorities and village elders, hoping to show its benefits. Through simple cookout demonstrations, we highlighted the nourishment Tender Mercies could offer.

Our mission continued to Kinisa, Kambi Chafu, and Kashuru. In the dense jungle, our vehicle's tire gave way. With no network and missing tools, we felt a momentary sense of helplessness. But in that moment, we were reminded of the divine interventions that often come our way. A young man with a machete in hand approached us. Far from the threat we initially perceived, he was God's answer to our predicament. With tools from his tractor, he assisted us, and his team ensured we safely navigated out of the jungle.

Our final destination was Duci, Isiolo, with the Borana (Muslim) Community. Here, we encountered a different kind of challenge. A community leader expressed reservations about a bible verse on our packaging. After a respectful conversation, he not only allowed us to proceed but also showed interest in future collaborations.

This journey was a lesson in humility, trust, and the mysterious ways in which God works. From the unexpected help in the jungle to the understanding in Duci, we felt His guiding hand throughout. At KAPU Africa, we are reminded that our mission is not just about food, but about sharing the love of Christ. 

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