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MFB Haiti: Meeting the Challenges of a Troubled Country

While Haiti grapples with ongoing security, economic, and humanitarian difficulties, Midwest Food Bank Haiti remains committed to alleviating hunger and starvation through dedication and resourcefulness. Here are three encouraging stories about our efforts there.

Eltana is one of many children being helped

Eltana Pierre's story is a poignant reminder of the challenges many children face in Haiti. Eltana's exact birthdate remains a mystery, but her journey began when her mother abandoned her at just two months old. Left in the care of her grandmother, Eltana lived with her until the age of three. However, their circumstances became increasingly dire, and her grandmother struggled to provide enough food.

Thankfully, the feeding center run by Matthew28 stepped in to offer Eltana a lifeline. Since then, she has received regular meals and care at the center, and her health has significantly improved. Her grandmother, grateful for this vital support, extends her heartfelt thanks to the staff of Matthew28 and MFB for providing the much-needed food.

MFB Haiti supplies Matthew28 with Tender Mercies meals for over 20 feeding centers. Five days a week, each location provides a lunch meal to 50 children from birth to five years old. Often, these five meals are the only ones the children will eat in the week. Nursing mothers receive the meals for children too young to eat them. Click here to learn more about the feeding centers.

Eltana's story highlights a troubling issue in Haiti – parents often leave their children behind with family members as they seek employment opportunities in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, these families are often left struggling to feed and care for these abandoned children, exacerbating the already challenging situation. This crisis underscores the importance of organizations like Matthew28 and MFB in providing essential support and hope to children like Eltana, who deserve a brighter future.

If you would like to help children like Eltana, click here to make a donation. A gift of $100 provides over 300 meals. 

Feeding Families, Communities, and Future Generations

Marie, a dedicated rice farmer in Haiti, had struggled for years to make a livable income and provide for her family. Her options were limited to selling rice door-to-door or at the local market, which often led to losses as her rice would go bad before she could sell it. Debts piled up as some buyers failed to pay on time, and others refused to pay altogether.

But everything changed when Overture International (OI) partnered with Midwest Food Bank Haiti to launch the "Diri Lavi" (Creole for "Rice Life") program in Marie's region. MFB Haiti plays a crucial role by shipping essential seasonings, vitamins, and minerals to Haiti. OI purchases beans and rice from local farmers like Marie and combines it all into "Tender Mercies," MFB's packaged rice and beans meal.

With the arrival of the Diri Lavi! program, Marie's rice began to sell quickly, and OI paid her a fair market price on time. This newfound opportunity allowed Marie to achieve success for her family. Not only did she see improved sales and profits, but her children also benefited by receiving Tender Mercies meals at school through the program. The Diri Lavi! initiative feeds Marie's family, strengthens her community, and promotes self-reliance.

Marie is just one example of the many Haitians empowered and equipped by MFB Haiti's collaboration with Overture. These initiatives have transformed limited opportunities and little hope into viable livelihoods for themselves and their families. These farmers are feeding their families, their communities, and future generations.

By supporting MFB Haiti's role in the Diri Lavi! program, you can provide critical nutrition to over 2,000 schoolchildren, empower Marie and her fellow community members to build and sustain an economic infrastructure in southern Haiti and equip them with vocational training and employment opportunities. If you would like to invest in the future of Haitians like Marie, click here to make a donation to MFB Haiti.

Moving Food through Partnerships and Divine Help

In challenging times, MFB Haiti achieved success by delivering much-needed food to our partner agencies. With the help of our on-the-ground operational partner, Cross-2-Light, known for its strong ties with Port Au Prince authorities, they navigated customs and transported the food to our secure Damas campus.

The food reached critical areas like Cite Soleil, PAP prisons, Jacmel ministries, and churches across Haiti. The load included 2,000 pounds of flour, which were included for Cross-2-Light's churches with bread ovens.

This delivery represents hope and cooperation in the face of adversity, revealing God's power in the toughest times.

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